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Websites for lawyers, Beautiful, Easy and Affordable

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Turnkey Solution

We offer all services you might need under one roof. Logos creation, copywriting, domain names, email address and more.


We understand that small businesses do not have the same resources as larger. This is why we offer affordable services and products to our customers.

Great Support

We offer email support, comprehensive and fast to our customers for all technical but also strategic issues like marketing and SEO.

Mobile Friendly

All our websites are responsive, it means they adapt to all supports, such as iPhone, iPad and desktop. Your website always looks great, no matter phone or tablet.

And a lot more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LegalShape?

LegalShape is an application to build law firm websites. We have simplified the process to its maximum so you can put your time on what is most important; your business. You choose a template, add your content, connect a domain name and your site is ready to welcome your future clients.

Why LegalShape?

LegalShape is a simple and affordable solution. We understand that small firms do not have the same resources as larger firms, this way, we want to give you the help and support that you may need.

In addition to our application to build your website, we offer logo creation, domain names and email addresses.

Is it for my firm?

LegalShape is specialized in websites for small firms, usually less than 30 employees. At the moment, our websites are only available in english for firms from the United States and Canada.

What is the difference between LegalShape and other Web builders?

LegalShape has been developed specifically for law firms. To build our templates, which is the root of our websites, we visited hundreds of law firm websites to find the best practices to create perfectly suitable websites for lawyers. The majority of Web builders are made ​​to attract a large audience with website templates for car dealers, dentists, restaurants, and way more. By offering a lot of categories of templates, they are not specialize in anything.

Can you manage our website for us?

We understand your time is valuable, that is why we offer a Managed plan. Whenever you want to add or edit content, contact us and we will make the requested changes within 24 hours.

This plan also includes a domain name and 5 professional email addresses.

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